Golf Simplified Donald Crawley Best Golf Teacher in Arizona

Game Analysis

long bunker

Improving your game means discovering what to change and improve. An accurate diagnosis, explanation and improvement is the format of every GolfSimplified lesson. The golf swing is cause and effect. The effect might be a slice or a fat shot, but there is a cause to that mistake. Once identified there wil be a correction of the cause. We will get to the root of the swing issue, explained and illustrated verbally and visually to set you on the road of recovery.For example : “a ball slices when the club face is open at impact. The cause of the open face may be the grip. The club is being held too much in the palm, a ‘weak grip’. Move the club more into the fingers and lighten the grip pressure to feel a better release and a squaring of the club face at impact. Adios slice! “.

Drills and exercises can be incorporated into your routine and learning style to help you improve the effect and consistency of your swing. Seeing and feeling the corrections, a more solid contact, and better ball flight, in the matter of minutes does wonders for your confidence and improved repetition.

In order to determine the correct diagnosis, we will watch you hit some golf shots, analyse the ball flight and impact conditions, and discuss your natural tendencies and inconsistencies. Your swing can be shown on the lesson tee via digital analysis and e-mailed to your phone or home computer for farther review. Once you understand the explanation, and are more aware of your tendencies we focus the rest of the lesson sessions on the corrections and improvements.

Lessons are customized to your level of play and instruction is focused where you need it the most to further your game: includes full swing adjustment, sharpen the short game scoring zone, improve your on-course management and strategies.

Once you return to your home course, I will encourage you to review your personal written notes, view your digital video e-mail attachment with bullet point corrections. You will be able to e-mail me any follow up questions you may have.